Reviews for "Madness Duel"

Ficken Sweet

like i said, its frickin sweet

That was awesome

I like this madness but I still want Krinkels to do one in his style.


I thought this video was excellent!
Many people criticize about how hank graphics look poor
it's just because many people have tried redrawing hank and many
have failed but you i think you did an excellent but usually it
doesn't matter on how it looks it's all based on the idea.


I guess not all kitties are bad after all :)


I can only imagine how long this took to animate, though the character designs arent up to par in many peoples opinion, i find that it adds a great affect to the film, it makes it look more like a fight scene rather then making pure focus on the characters. The weapon graphics were far above par, and were better then part 1 and 2.

As for next time, i want to see the clown get smashed, because almost no focus has been put on him, and the games focus mostly on clown.