Reviews for "M.O.T.O.R"


Thia was like starwars if the gore levels went up 200% 10/10 5/5 :D
i like the plot too...

Great Job

Another awesome star wars madness


....interesting, enjoyeble, yet insane


looked really good. it also had a semi-storyline, which is uncommon for madness. i noticed that while in the fighters they said good luck instead of may the force be with you (copyright issues?)

While the movie was great

It was good, however other than the lightsabers it just didn't feel like star wars. I don't know if it was because the blaster sounds were different or maybe it was the music. But it just didn't feel like star wars. On the other hand the movie was very well done, your animations were done very well. THe music was good, but didn't match. If anything i'd call it just a generic Sci-fi which isn't necessarily bad. I think if given the proper music and sounds and maybe if the ships looked a little more like Star Wars it would match a bit more, but regardless the movie was good and entertaining to watch and that is the most important part.