Reviews for "M.O.T.O.R"


that was just epic taking some of the kotors actual time line and keeping all the made in nevada stuff we love but im not sure is he hank or savoir? i think that a cooler thing besides the stuff u have would be him getting shot and then reach hold drain new music that means he is going to kick ass im just saying , make a sequel do it for the children

very good

but how do you find the easter eggs



Awesome! but unlikely

Awesome movie but the Mandalorian's would rape this shit out of the Sith. Other wise great skills of doing it.

if i could give a 11/10 i would

Nice,think I found all the easter eggs, but if you really were in vietnam, it would make it all much funnier. a rather serious animation, but the easter eggs added to it all. nice ships, by the way.