Reviews for "M.O.T.O.R"


i saw on the ship made somwhere in nevada ship had improbility drive nahk hank guys smoking before getting hit by vehical and thats it

i saw two messages...

the ship had an improbability level and the sith guy was Na'hk, a play on Hank, the Madness main character...SW33T!!!!


to be honest i didnt like it that much :l

Rated E my Ass

Hey 1 Thing you Got Your Colors Wrong

Blue = Pvt - Corporal All Unimportant Generic Soldiers

Red = All Sergeant Ranks, Rally Masters

Yellow = Everything Past Sgt Ranks, Mostly Field Marshalls

Different Colors = Silver with Custom Armor or a Cape = Mandalore, Sort of The King or General Of ALL Mandalorians Sort of What The red guy should Be


da sith finaly won for once (3,no seriously even in episode 3 the sith lost