Reviews for "M.O.T.O.R"

the 3D thing was cool

I liked that 3D flash Style thing
that probably took a bit long to make..
I'm not a big fan of madness though.


Ok i gave it a 6 for you're creativity, but i this isn't madness, this isn't what madness is about, dialouge?! come on, but the animation was good keep up the good work.


The 3d kinda stuff was very nice! But the battles were not that good. :( Still 9/10


that was great i loved it it had all that i love about madness halarity violence and watnot great work

DutchinLive responds:

I'm glad i could combine all your loves into one squishy little .swf!

I wish....

i rly wish u could do all that stuff in kotor...btw which kotor is this based off of? etehr way it was great

DutchinLive responds:

It's an extended version of the Kotor storyline, kind of like a side-plot.