Reviews for "Judgement"

ok......dude........just...EARGASM! :D
then i'm with Poida101,some lirics could be badass!
keep rocking dude!

*follower added* (or would it be considered stalking?....who knows)
You know what I do when I find a good piece like this? I tend to lurk around the artist's page checking out their new/old work and either crushing them, or listening to their entire library of submissions.

YOU have just earned that honor of being "followed"!
Another great piece to add to my collection of NG metal!
You don't need any vocal's for this piece to be honest, as its brutal on its own. I suggest keeping this piece up for others to enjoy as much as I'm enjoying it!

5/5 *downloaded* *fav'd*

Good job :3

This is really good! Nice work! :D

Sounds good, but the first version is, in my opinion, much better.

Naildown55 responds:

i appreciate the review, but I rly hated the first version lolol