Reviews for "Half Assed Pirates"

Shit funny

LOL, I did not see that one coming!


A late entry but a great one.

Awesome job you two. :)

jaxxy responds:

We love you matt! 8D <3


it looks great but like 5 seconds into it it turns white!! :( any suggestions as to why?

jaxxy responds:

No idea....perhaps an outdated version of flash? :/

I've seen a whole lot worse.

You have a very high standard for your submissions, but DO NOT sell your skills short. There are stuff that manage to somehow stick to the archives that are far worse and I'm sure that there was 'once upon a time' stuff worse than those submissions and I'm going back to when I first found Newgrounds in 2000. Keep up the very good work.

that was great!

lolz make more