Reviews for "Half Assed Pirates"

wat the?! XD

great animation man, better keep it up! btw i think the counter is broken :D

jaxxy responds:

lol I don't give a shit! 8D

Well done!

I listened to that sound clip in the audio portal section and I was wondering why there wasn't a flash to go with it. And wonder of wonders, now there is! The voice over was well done. Very funny! Good stuff, man. Keep it up!

jaxxy responds:

I wondered the same thing....and tried to get this done before pirate day was over - at least I made it on MY side of the planet.

Pretty cool

awesome animation, with a surprising ending


It doesnt matter that it it has few animations, the simplicity of it and the way the camera zooms in pretty close perfectly complements the audio.
9/10, 5/5

Well played.

This whole thing is basically one joke. You played it well, though. In the hands of someone else, this could have been messed up. Good job.