Reviews for "Half Assed Pirates"

yeah this confuses me

there are like 10 frames of movement in the entire video.
it's good for a lol and the voice acting was good but this isn't amazing in the slightest.

jaxxy responds:

No shit, Sherlock. Glad you could point that out for yourself. Round of applause for you.


Great build up and punchline! It started to sound like Monkey Island. Arg....


dude that was awesome. great job

barista's banter

That is hilarious. I make lattes for people. And on "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" I acted much the same way for my customers. Only, not quite as long winded. Awesome video. Make more please.


Only 2 things can get high ratings from me. Hilarious, and epic. This almost is hilarious. And before he orders the fish its kinda epic.