Reviews for "Just Avoid It!"

Simple game...

but very creative!

I liked the messages and the changing obstacles which realy spiced this a whole lot up.

Also: The music made this feeling kind of epic.

Well done!

Second try


Not close to impossible at all.


I got a 13 =D

High score!

While playing this game i got a great idea for a flash series. Also, the changes in the setting made me think of "OMG I MADe A ZOMBIE GAME, LOL" or something like that from the Xbox arcade. loved it the first game i played i didn't know it had started, I got a game over and I lawled for some reason.

Humrous, Clever

I liked this a bunch. The little phrases at the bottom of the screen were funny and made me want to play more. Also, the game has major replay value. The only thing I'd suggest next time is to add a mode kind of like a story mode where there is checkpoints... that would rock. As it is though, this game is a fun little time waster.