Reviews for "Just Avoid It!"


Simple but suprisingly addictive! Nice choice of music aswell!


It's a simple time waster-type game. Simple in design and operation, just avoid the falling objects. The best thing about it is that you alter the game as it goes, without effecting mechanics, just to keep it interesting.

It has potential.

Music is good, using text at the bottom was interesting although well-used, idea behind the game also very cliched and used greatly before how the gameplay was well implemented.
The biggest down fall I would say would be the lack of checkpoints as I eventually got to 7345 and my third attempt, not particularly good however I can not be bothered to redo all that again and therefore, for Just Avoid It 2 I recommend checkpoints every 5000 score.
Overall, a good game and for the few floors it would be scoring a much higher rating.

Well Done and I hope to see JAI2 in the future.

not that new...

i think its not that new yet its still fun....


nicely made, the stuff changed suddenly so you got quiete suprised.

its a lame that i suck so much at this.