Reviews for "Just Avoid It!"

Replay value

The game was great, the messages kept it entertaining and engaging, but after getting 25,000 points and then losing, there's very little replay value. Checkpoints would be one way to keep people engaged after death, but I think making the difficulty curve steeper and the game shorter would work better. I want to see what goes on after the point I died at, but I don't want to spend another 15 minutes trying to get back to that point under the possibility that I'd die right after I reached it, or even before. Still fun though, thumbs up.

This was Fun

It was not the best because after about 5 Minutes its boring


Who taught you to play with colors?!? My eyes hurt!

Better than the rest.

This is better than the rest of the avoid games I've seen lately. It's actually fun to play and doesn't have any flaws. I really liked it. Good stuff.

Really cool

You should make a sequel. With more modes and stuff, really liked this. The messages were cool. Well the ones I read whilst dodging the s##t thrown at me!!! Really good though, in a sequel, you colud make checkpoints. Getting to 7583 was pleasing, but annoying that I couldnt carry on.