Reviews for "Just Avoid It!"


that visibility limitation at 23360 sucks, but this game rocks!


12997!! i got kileed by the darkness stage

Nice game

I got 12277 :P

Simple but great

got 11544 point's great game those square's fucked me up tough

looking forward to more games like this!


11523 score on first try! amg i love this game. i dont think its possible to get past the part i was on tho. the grey squares moved to fast down the screen and were all joined together u have like 1/10th a second to get the courser thru a gap about 10 pixels wide while its moving fast u have to be very lucky to get it past it xD.

i also noticed it was a little jumpy at some times im not sure if thats intended also.

all in all a great simple game tho its the kind of game when u play it.. sum1 calls u or knocks at the door or u have a serious itch that u just realised u had and it puts u of xD