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Reviews for ":The Journey:"


I play with firefox on a mac, and I managed to cheat (just playtesting :3) all the way through UNTIL i reached a level which had no wall but nonetheless made me die, cheat or not.
Is it the anticheat punishment or just some WTFBUG stuff?

Anyway, really nice game, some true 10x10 happyness :D

kokonut10 responds:

The anticheat is deliberate. :D

Not Bad...

but it can get bory quite quickly. you should try adding more variety to levels

keep it up

kokonut10 responds:

Thanks. :)

nice work

the calm music is nice, and helps prevent you from cursing the moniter when you mess up, lol.
the beggining should have been switched with the third level, since it was the easiest one, in my opinion. just to give the user a good feel before rushing in. don't get me wrong, some levels should be switched around, but other than that, this is terrific work.

kokonut10 responds:

Thanks for your review. :)


this is awesome! i love how you made it impossible to cheat and added a bit of sifficulty to the levels so its not boring.
5/5 +10/10!

kokonut10 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! :)

good game

very good game but need some fix :)

kokonut10 responds:

Man, you probably should have told me what to fix.