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Reviews for "Higher!"

on your way

It is extremely annoying to lose a kilometer because a single bomb blew half your baloons up, bombs come to quickly high up and don't always register clicks.
my comment? Needs work.


I can play oblivion and WoW on the highest graphical settings but I cant play this on the lowest?????? WTF bro?

This game is fucking stupid

It's not challenging it's just plain unfair i got the dumb fucking bomb rain and it took out all of my shit at like 7000m and i had to restart. How the hell did you think that would be a good idea? as for the lag everybody is getting i don't know what you all talking about i have it on high and its fine. It would be better if you could like poke the bombs and they would go away because having to click and drag them is a pain in the ass.