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Reviews for "Higher!"

Great game!

Very addictiv and interesting game! 10/10, 5/5


A very beautiful game! I loved the music and the addictive factor. Simple flash games like this are the best.


Flashist responds:

Thank you =)


I was stunned to how such a "simple" concept could be so fun and beautiful.
Amazing game, goes straight to the Favourites.

Flashist responds:

Oh, thank you very much =)

Good way to kill time

I was playing for almost two hours and didn't even notice till I happened to glance up at the clock. There's really no point to the game except to see how high you can get. I liked how the "lift" power up works both ways. Graphics are great, and good choice of music. It's not too loud, or annoying, it's just a nice little background theme. The only lag I had at all was during the bomb rain. That was with it on high and it was only a lag of about 1 second if that. Great game for if you just want to kill some time. Kinda like Tetris or PacMan. Can't really think of anything I didn't like. However I think it could've used levels or something. Overall great job.


i love this game so much because you dont lose, you dont die and i like that it gets harder in the 7000's. when a game is to easy and repetative its rubbish but this is great man.

Flashist responds:

Thanks =)