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Reviews for "Higher!"

Pretty damn fun shizzle

Cool game pretty easy, i loved the graphics for some reason.
to bad there wasn't a lil old man bitching. It was a little repetitive
but what pwer up game isn't. either way great job keep up the work
that makes me not work hahaha

Never had to dodge a single bomb.

Threw one up, caused a chain reaction that sent a continuous shower of coins my way. Balloons didn't appear very often... maybe the rain of coins popped them.

Meh - It was ok

Ok so it was a hugely addictive game....that is until all the flaws kicked in and killed the fun momentum.

I like the simplicity of the theme of - "How far up can you go"
I like the idea of just grab balloons, coins, throw bombs
I even enjoyed the calming music which complemented the game and at the same time didn't interfere with the game play itself by being super annoying.

Here are where the problems kick in

Everything but the coins and background and pure blinding white ( no shade, no texture, Nada ) and that isn't a problem until maybe 10 mins into game play when your eyes start to become irritated, burn and tear up like no tomorrow

Then why is it that when two of my ballons burst I have to grab like 4 to six more only to get back where I was when the first two burst? Fix it!

Next why is it that when a Bomb drops in the middle of my group of Balloons bursting may be 3 to 4 of them I can fall a few hundred feet while grabbing 4 to five of more balloons on the way down and not only to I not stop falling, I don't even slow down and when I do stop falling the balloons I have grabbed on the way down from falling don't bring me back up to when I just fell from at all or up at least a few feet it as though I never grabbed them

then the frustration of when I reached space the constant bombardment of bombs with the added frustration of the surprise meter by that point just dolled of constant rains of bombs and rarely coins just violently murdered any leftover desire I had to continue to play the game.

Oh yeah and the Coins lest not forget how hard it is to grab those little fuggers, I could swipe the mouse back and forth like a madman or aim it with the precision of a Marine special forces Sniper and catching coins was matter of luck more than skill


well i got the 15th place overall good game


It was alright, pretty interesting, the music was very relaxing but I found the game incredibly easy. I'm not sure if the bombs are supposed to forever chain react but I had to throw one bomb at the beginning to start the reaction and ever since I barely touch them, I just collect coins. I'm at 10k+ height and I've thrown maybe three more bombs.