Reviews for "JV's World #2"

my sides hurt!

damn you for making me laugh so hard!

lol, Very Funny

haha. I have to say that was very funny. Where was this Radio station by the way? Im not familiar with Wild 94.9. or was that just a random number?

Anyways Great flash, and wonderful timing for animation to sound.

chrisjulian0 responds:

Wild 94.9 is a station in San Francisco, CA.


i laughed my ass off... it was hilarious and very very funny. i think your animation fits perfectly to the radio stream :)


The animation was really well done. Could use a little work done though, but it's still good. :D And I found the dialogue pretty funny as well. xD

chrisjulian0 responds:

Just so I know for next time. What areas do you think need work. That would help me out alot. Thanks.


Nice one... I like the hitler joke towards the end...lol