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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

good game...

but too time consuming


Reminded me slightly of N, with elements of Portal, etc. Nice platformer :)

Also, Are those Sunn O))) references? level "My Wall o)))" is similar to a song called My Wall, and there's a medal called o))). Hmm, the creators have a good taste in ambient music. :D

Very fun!

That was really awesome. I like the little character he's so cute! :D
Anywho, this game was really addicting and was a challenge but didn't make me throw my computer through the wall like some other games. :]


I found a lump. It's kinda itchy. Anyway, you'll see what I mean in the next review.

This game has so much longevity. I've often found that year after year I've been attracted to the bizarre and creative levels of Time Fcuk, with it's inter-dimensional travel, manipulation of physical reality, and tumor/clones named Steve.

Controls are easy to get a hang of, yet very difficult to master in times of panic. I find when time is of the essence I tend to hit the wrong key at the wrong time, but I find that a masterful development in this game. I've never played a game that can make me so frantic and frustrated, and still somehow manage to make me feel smart and ecstatic when I solve a riddle. In the main game most of the puzzles are just common sense. When you mess up you know it was your own fault and it helps you learn how to solve the riddles in the game. It isn't a feeling that the game is just clearly frustrating, it is a feeling like you fucked up and you should try harder to find the proper solution. Even in the final level a proper solution is presented if you just think for a moment and don't "give up".

User-generated content varies so much with what is presented from the creator mode. Game designers have given all the proper tools for interesting backgrounds, complex puzzles, annoying challenges, and even creations of pure awesomeness. I can say clearly everything in this game has been placed where it needs to be for the proper execution.

Everything from teaching the game well to just being visually appealing, Time Fcuk is a masterpiece.