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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

Very confusing at times, but wonderful!

I admit, i did get stumped a few times, but after a few minutes of thought, ya get what to do next. I deeply enjoyed how as you delved deeper and deeper into the "Box" you start recieving messages that make you question whether your character is sane at that point. The endings were very good as well. Kinda made me reflect a bit. I just have a question, for the wall of text for the good ending, is that a true story about one of you three? All in all, it's a great game that i would recommend to many people.


I got stuck in Stasis.... shit balls, sweet game tho

My favourite!

This was original, delightful and artistic! This simply is my favourite game on Newgrounds, thank you!

Okay, what I liked the best must be the gameplay and the concept. The gameplay in itself wasn't really complicated, but it was a real pleasure to control the character, so it was perfect. And the page-switching-thing, very cool. And especially the color switching, which made the game different, good looking and just awesome!

And the level editor, what an awesome thing to put in a game like this: The first thing you're thinking of when you play it is: "Oh, I wanna make some levels too!" At least that's what I did. And making levels in this game is also a pleasure, because there are so many possibilities, and three times more posibilities because of the pages. Very cool with the interactive rating system and the "Enter the unknown" ability (although those levels quite sucked...).

Overall, a very nice game with perfectly fitting music, an experimental/new and cool style and atmosphere. So smooth gameplay, and so many smart levels. And you even get to be a little creative. What more can I ask? PLAY IT GUYS.

Pretty kewl

All stages where awesome (:
Where can i download the menu song? d:

Time Ucfk

It's really awesome, but how long do I have to wait before it submits my Time Fcuk Level? Anyways, I like how you play with the name 'Time Fkcu'. Where did you got the idea?