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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"

I demand a recount!

Very nice game, unfortunalty I am not skilled at the puzzle-type games. I am trying my very hardest, but I can't even seem to get past The Man and I really am trying not to use the sleep things.

Very interesting game though, it reminds me of Paranoia Agent almost.

Ahhhh im stuck!!

The game is awesome but im stuck at "The Cage" i dont know how 2 get outa that dam box... but its pretty awesome game

Damn NG Medals

I know it's not your fault probably, but I got ALL the way through, got the good ending and nothing happened...BAH. Anyway, fcuking awesome game man, seriously one of the best online games ever and a triumph among the puzzle genre. I would easily pay to play this game, as it was just that much fun and that creative. The best compliment I can give, is that as soon as it was over I fired it right back up. I don't usually do that with these time-wasters, but this was definitely not a time-waster. I feel genuinely fulfilled for having gotten all the way to the end. Great game as usual, Mr. McMillen, you and your team are fcuking geniuses.


but the alice level is anyoing!XXD

Great game.

Always entertaining and has infinite replay value. Now that submissions are open again, it would be awesome to have the medal for turning in a custom level reenabled. It's impossible to get to the top of the medal rankings against someone who has medals that aren't achievable anymore.