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Reviews for "Time Fcuk"


i hope this game saves your progress. how may levels are there?


This is more than a game. It's an addiction. From the beautifully designed campaign maps to the sometimes whacky and jarring speech. The brilliant most awesome levels submitted by us users to the fiendishly most difficult maps which all seem to have the ability to make you literrally jump for joy out of your seat when you manage to figure them out.

Also some noob named Cheetega keeps spamming up the Most Difficult list! Fix plz lol!

Try searching for Cheetega(level number) in google if you are stuck on them during explore the unknown. I have been nice enough to include a walkthrough of the tough ones.

Also search for Time FCUK on the newgrounds BBS to showcase your new levels to users even after they disappear from the Most Recent list.

The power of three is almighty.


The game play was not my main focus it was the story. It gets pretty confusing and i couldn't guess where it would go next. The charcters could be a bit more desgined and it could be more colourfull but it is a great game


I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on... but I loved it. That sure was a wild ride. I thought I would never finish it, but I did. I don't even know what to say... Great game?

Awesome Game

Awesome what you mean time fcuk i think you was gana put time fuck lol anyways Nice game