Reviews for "The Next iPod"

not bad

like everyone else said, audio would have made this a LOT better.
the humour (albiet old) wasn't bad at all. however, evens if it was just you simply reading out the text outloud would have been a massive improvement. (steriotypical "comming soon" music with the voice would be evens better still.
add audio, and then re-submit it. that's my suggestion

It's got potential

There are a few things that need improving though. First off there's no sound to it, that would make this more entertaining to start. Then the text near the end was too fast, so it was hard to read all of it. Other than that, I say it's good!

Super-Yombario responds:

You're not supposed to be able to read the text...


this is probably the worst thing i've seen on any website...ever
even adding music would make it better

not good

needs sound, unfunny script, too short, etc.


Hmmm...this needs sound, definitely needs some dramatic dirge music. Well, overall this whole thing needs to be more dramatic in order to be funnier. Like when all the words appear, find a way to put more words on slower, until the whole screen turns black. When you show this new iPod, try and also make something super unique and unnecessarily bulky and bulgy. Like, draw that thing with a hammer, a wood chipper, a steering wheel and stuff like that. And when you say 'you've tried the NaNo', add in some examples of people using the device...and possibly being obnoxious, or dumb with it. It's a good rough draft idea.