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Reviews for "The Magic Mind Reader"

It's alright.

Pretty obvious trick you've used though. Probably need more to it before people figure the "secret" out pretty fast.


That's a great trick you came up with. I had to think a bit before I figured it out. Not bad at all.

It's fine, I guess.

There is not much to improve about this concept, unless maybe adding a whole lot of different tricks to make it harder to notice the current one.
Anyway it was quite good, got me once or twice.
I'm sure someone will spoil it for the others soon, however.


What the heck is going on!?! This thing is 100% right every single time and I've done it like 12 times!!!

This thing is freaking me OUT!!


it guessed it right like 10 times in a row. damn, how did u do that?