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Reviews for "Pay Cut"

Cut me to the core

Loved it. The music and the animation was very original and somthing i've never seen on newgrounds, I could be wrong but i've never seen anybody use nothing but constuction paper animation on Newgrounds still though I loved it, it was short but it was cute and entertaining and original. really enjoyed myself.



I think I watched this ten times in a row and it's funny every time!


Muffintastic. I love the animation style. And even more YOUR SILLY VOICE. You do that high pitched wailing for everything, don't you?

Really nice!


Man thats a really nice animation! And really funny but a bit too short, I laughed alot thought so I had to add it on my favorites for further viewing.

Crazy Cakes!

totally random and about the most fluid claymation thing that ive seen on newgrounds. good paper skills! :3