Reviews for "Skating Dude"

not great, but ur not professional

my auras light so im gona say something ud expect me to say: the nice guy thing. its not awesome, and im 13 too, and just barely have a clue how to do even that, so no 5 or 10, but keep trying and ul get it. also: uve got a good idea going! improve and succeed!

if ur going to do big stuff to change it

resubmit it

It was ok. But make it longer

That was a nice song for your animation. I think if you made it longer people will enjoy it more.

good job.

make it longer please. it looked really good though, i'd enjoy it if there was a little more substance. :)

Good so far

I like it but it needs to be longer with a little more things happening.Also try to color so it stands out more if you decide to edit this flash to get higher scores.But like I said before good job.