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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 1"

Obvious ending

The ending was pretty obvious when you
get the note, well that's just me I'm seeing
most reviewers where surprised.

Use more sound effects the game was very
dead in sound effects,

there's not a single clue that I have to sharpen
the bones seriously don't make me read the
walktrough in the next game


This was a very good twist on a popular story. But i have to agree with everyone else in saying that it was short. The ending to this chapter was great and can only get better from here on. Bravo


I loved this game. there is no point at which it fails to make sense (I only had a hard time figuring out what the first number of the combination was), I really enjoyed the rather creepy atmosphere and the ending was just awesome!. can't wait until episode 2


Simply fantastic.


The game was insanely awesome all though it didn't last long. And I laughed hard when it said "maybe you shouldn't have nice things" Made my day.