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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 1"

A good adition to our Adventure flash collection.


We all know the premise of a dark Wonderland, nothing new here. There were alternate versions of the tale, American McGee twisted it like nobody's business, and Tim Burton might make a crazy version of it (don't hold your breath for that, though).

But what makes this game so good is that it doesn't rely on the whole "Wonderland is doomed" thing, that is just the setting. No, what makes you want to finish it is the ambiguity of your character and its motives. Alice is Dead - Episode 1 is a by-the-book point & click adventure that works on inventory manipulation and deep inspection of your surroundings.

The backgrounds and music do a good job creating the familiar yet dim atmosphere of the new Wonderland, and the scribbled messages and item descriptions add to the overall entertainment. There was an uneasy feeling of linearity, but it wasn't detrimental on the playthrough. What was somewhat dissapointing is that items that go together don't look that way at first glance and there is a good chance you will get stuck at some point. All in all this game shouldn't take more than 1 hour to complete, which is all right since it's just the first episode.

In closing, Alice is Dead - Episode 1 is a good adition to our collection of Adventure flash games, and altought is somewhat harder than most games, the ambiguity of your chacarter's identity and motives, the familiar Wonderland setting, and the unexpected ending will make most players want to finish it.



its a good game first of all. this is one of those games where you KNOW something is gonna pop out and get ya. and that is the most exiciting part! but... it was really easy. and it was too short. 9/10. a really good score for a really good game!

Very good

This game was weird, creepy, and frickin awesome.


I loved the music. I've always liked oldies anyway, but this one just set the mood. The ending was completely unexpected and I liked it. My only complaint is the wish that it was a little longer, and that there was a use for those items. The bell just rang?

alice is dead =p yaaaaaaaa

great game very creepy like American Mc'gees alice. whats the name of that song thats playing.