Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 1"

This game was creepy the first time I played. Didn't know what to expect and it kept me on edge. It's good when a game can do that without just flat out jumpscaring the player. Good job.

A really great point-and-click game! The plot is interesting and that beginning scene of waking up next to Alice's dead body sets the dramatic tone....though, the boogie man song made it a bit silly. :) So, in all; macabre in some ways, some silliness mixed in and then - the shocker/plot twist at the end.

Awesome job to the creators! :)

A very simple yet fun point and click game!
The twisted and rather creepy text got me there for sure!

I find the dialogue simple yet enticing.
The plot twist at the end, though!

I can't wait to play the other games!

Simple looking, rather short, but surprising attention to detail and clever text. Absolutely loved it.
Deliciously twisted. 5 stars all the way!

Brilliant Game. Can't wait to play the second episode!

Enjoy the quick gameplay video I have made: