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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 1"

great game!

hush hush hush by Henry hall

Hello, Hyptosis,~Review~
~Title screen~
I'm presently at your title screen at first glance Its demeanor is decidedly dark, nevertheless the menu appears eminently insipid, although unambiguous.
~Visuals and Music~
I have just now hit the play, The music is extraordinarily outlandish in a exceptional way, the visuals are marvelous, the menu, anew, is dull, though its objective is uncomplicated it could have been enhanced visually.
Now after Desultorily clicking around I have opened the trunk, currently, I am staring down the aperture, I should add if I was inexperienced the series of puzzles so far would have been problematic. I have gone outside and done the series of puzzles to find a briefcase, finding the numbers to the briefcase had me dumbfounded
~Story & Ending~
Since the game is a a series the ending was an acceptable cliffhanger and I enjoyed it


awesome point and click!! beautiful graphics and creepy atmosphere. great attention to detail. I'm gonna go play the next one now...