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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 1"

Its a great game.

A good game, but it's too short and the soundtrack ins't nothing too new or interesting, and the story felt a little...opaque. Well, besides these things, the art is amazing, and the puzzles are pretty neat.

Hyptosis' art is absolutely beautiful and so, so fitting. There's an undeniable atmosphere and you found the perfect music for the game, as well as a perfect candidate for grimmification, AiW is so insane that it's so full of opportunities for making it darker. The puzzles weren't too hard, but it is a bit confusing that each of the numbers has an arrow leading to the next number, so you don't know where to start, and it would be logical to assume that the one with the chest would be the last room, because it's when she realizes she's sick, and the arrow could be leading to the chest, not the next number. I like the idea of the writing on the wall though. With the backstory in AiD 3, the part about her giving Rabbit the code makes sense, but her writing the details of her fake death -especially since the Queen thought she died from being killed by the Rabbit and the Rabbit himself would be expected to find out he killed Alice- is a plothole. It's still a great game, and a great series, but there are some plotholes.

Really well executed and had the perfect mood for the mysterious, dark, warped feeling you were trying to get across. Story-wise, it was slightly predictable. From the second I found the kill the Rabbit note, I almost immediately knew the protagonist was the Rabbit. My suspicions were only confirmed when I saw the "I hate you," and "die die die" messages Alice had written everywhere. Also why the hell would Alice write down the exact combo to a random lock... anyway, I guess I might find out in chapter 2! Nicely done! Love it!

Very good

A good game here but two things one it was very short and for being that short it was really a challenge of a game so ad much more levels and make it not as hard but I did enjoy this game for what it was so nice effort there

Some easier leveling and longer game