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Reviews for "Vegeta's Ordeal!"


Koolaid wtf?? well at least it sounds like Vegeta


If you don't understand where the red happy jug comes from, you won't find this amusing.

I'm guessing it's a reference to something?

Not my thing

I'm not usually into short random comedies. I dont really like to read reviews before watching the movies because it can either spoil some stuff or be off. In this case I should have though. Don't take this to harshly, I honesly thought that this would have aomething to do with DBZ and that it would be longer. It seems you do pretty well with the part of the Newgrounds community that likes these kinds of things so dont stop on account of a review like this.

Good luck in the future.


really i mean really.come on people theres a lot of stuff to make fun of.
DBZ and koolade don't mix.but it was kind of funny,so i will give you 1 star.
there r u happy now.pretty pretty star.

Trixen responds:

I think a 1 is kind of harsh, but ok...