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Reviews for "Vegeta's Ordeal!"

could have been longer

but the animation was good and the voice acting exellent! good job mate.

Trixen responds:

I have 1 more I could submit, it goes for 2 minutes, but not alot of animation, it has Piccolo in it.. Think I should Post it?

What a great twist....

When i saw this i was thinking o great another over 9000 flash but when the kool aid man jumped out i fell out of my chair laughing.... I always knew the kool aid man had a lot of power in him... Hope you got more coming in the near future... Also If i was Vegata i would take the regular.

Trixen responds:

Just uploaded a new video, this time its Piccolo, hope you like it if you see it! =) (have my fingers crossed it wont get blammed!)

Wazz Cookin

Hot SH!#.... Im diggin it...

oh wow

ya see? that's THE LAST thing i would've saw coming

Frikin' hilarious!!! Only the animation needs a litle polishing : )