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Reviews for "Vegeta's Ordeal!"


that was hilarious! Oh no! oh no oohhh nooo...
OH YA!!!

Let me see do I wan't the diet or the regular?

Choose diet! Why? Because you and Goku have been eating to much! Great animation and try to make it longer please.


It is no doubt that choosing Diet or regular is a great source of comedy in general. It was also great to see the Kool-Aid guy appear at the end as it reminds me of one of the first jokes in "Family Guy" (not that I'm a huge fan of that show). The animation was pretty nice. I think this would've worked better if it had been part of a collab, as it doesn't really do much to me on its own. It was kind of nice to not hear an "Over 9000" joke in making a Vegeta parody. This should have been a bit longer, but was okay overall.

Trixen responds:

I think you would enjoy saiyans Paradise, another parody I wrote, yes, this was a short, but it did its job I think.. Short and sweet, thanks for writing a msg!


I fell off my chair I laughed so damn hard ! and I'M STILL LAUGHING!!!!

No more Newgrounds and Milk

I watched this while eating milk and cookies.....how do you get chucks of cookie out your nose? LOL

Trixen responds:

Thank you! that made my day that you liked this XD!

I have had that problem, its worse with fizzy drinks like soda XD to get them out..it hurts.. lots of snorting, blowing and weird faces!