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Reviews for "AwesomeballZ"


that was amazingly funny. all my 5 r belong to this

Barral Roll

Do a Barral ROLL!

All Tens WTH!

Ok I'll try to be constructive as always even if that vid flash left me troubled and bored...
God...you could have done so much funnier with dragonball...I dunno,Picolo breaking random stuff with his daaaamn mekenkozapo,or master roshi raping goku as part of his training...Aaaaah I don't care everything'd be funnier...
If your intention wasn't to be funny,then I'm even more mesmerized by your work...
The animation was strange...but still the fact that you actually DID it is worth a few kudos (I know it's a pain in the ass)
As for the rest...Wth with gandalf...AND SEPHIROTH!?...Ok is it a joke like ''Ha!...He's returning to the planet!''Cause that'd actually be pretty funny lol,good one if it was though...hahaha...
Well now,try to come up with some decent humor and keep up the good work...Although I'm not a big fan of drawn/movie flashes,every show has its crowd so don't give up and come up BIG next time!!!
Good work truly,just wasn't my type...what type was it anyway...I just love randomness but...hmmmmm....this one?...


Not a thing wrong with this

wow i thought it was going to suck but you

did better than expected