Reviews for "Knuckles Briefs"

Do you think there ester eggs in sonic shorts?

and then i come in to save the day

Ah, these are so funny! I rewatched it to absorb it all! This made me laugh much more than any of the other Sonic Shorts. Funny how they made Sonic look lame and Knux supposedly cool. Something about how these were constructed were wonderful; I guess since it isn't aimed at the main character, they can be slightly less cliche (not that that is necessarily a bad thing) and hit a different note.

I loved the YMCA one, but my favorite was the flashing Sonic. Obviously we'd all die if Knux wasn't there to open our cans. I never had anything against Dreams of an Absolution until I heard Silver sing it... XD

Click on the weird drawn vector to find the knuckles doll short! Wait! What? So theres Tails Doll,Sonic.EXE and now Knuckles doll? ITS LIKE TEAM SONIC BUT IN A EVIL VERSION!!! These shorts are great!

lol! so funny! good job wax70!