Reviews for "Mario's Fail"

number 4 and 6

i LOVE those. 4 and 6 are epic fails lol

xD hahaha!!

That was funny :D And yes, the sprites are amazing!! And the voice quality :)

I think that when the star came out and then ran away you should have made he down a face fall :D Like, fallen on his face instead of his back ;)

I liked how after he got teleported he got FLATTENED by that huge ball, hahah

EPIC FAIL... on Mario's part

I'd have to say that you are creative when it comes to some fails. Keep at it. My favorite fail was when Mario thought he teleported safely.

Good Work!

XP Very Good
And Thanks for use my mix in your flash

JosephAS1 responds:

Thank u too BeatDarkX! =)


Dude thats awesome for your first cant wait to see more of your flashes great job.