Reviews for "Mario's Fail"


it was okay,now go watch Tarboy!

short funny smooth

Nice job. It was a shorty but i liked it :) That got me in was mainly the smoothness of your animation. I know how easy it is to use sprites from all my movies ive submitted but you had some nice and funny ideas there, so props. Keep it up!

Not too bad ^.^

Missing a few things, so that hurts your score a bit.. a scene selection would be nice, that sort of thing. I think there were a few animation glitches as well (like when he teleports into the background and the rock falls on him). Plus, as I'm sure someone will say so I'm just getting this out there now, there are a lot of animations like this on Newgrounds...

... but I still think they're hilarious.

not good

You got flash skills, but you don't have writing skills.
The only time I laughed was when the went to the right and when luigi got it.
Sorry, just didn't like it.

P.S. credit dragon force


I liked it. :)