Reviews for "Interactive PORTAL Turret"

my turret is

VERY POLITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it said "hello" and then "can i help you?"

Awesome but there are still some glitches

Portal: A day in the life of a turret

It was good for what it was

For what it was meant to be, it was a good game. Having sound clips from the turret, and even the radio from Portal. It was pretty nicely made, although, it can't be a perfect score, because there are glitches, such as if you hold the mouse on the turret, and then move it off, you still hear firing noises.


i liked it although like silveruchila i was excpecting some sort of turret game still was good for a bit of entertainment


i don't understand this, although i do understand this is portal related, it glitches out if you click and hold the mouse. umm i like the radio though i miss it, and that doesnt sound like GLadys voice from portal.