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Reviews for "Indirect Assault"


Not bad shooting game.

Concept and Code is good

However, the game's a bit easy, try making it a bit harder, make things faster, you know? Also, improve the visuals, I'm all for the simple ones, but at least some flash would help you out.

meman32 responds:

I agree the visuals need help, but how far did you get, it gets hard at 30,000 points, which is very soon after 10,000 the speed at which you get score increases.


It just was not that interesting. The controls where weird for me cuz it looked like asteroids I wanted to play it like asteroids.

cool game but soooo easy

you dont even need to play to play because your weopon just attacks everything for you pretty much.. but really cool concept

meman32 responds:

Trust me, later in the game, you will die. And if you want a highscore, you have to try.

Concept is good, but....

1. too easy i got about 300,000 points on first try
2. upgrades could help the game be more addictive ( ya know... try to get em all)
3. time limit to get so many points??? i would like that concept

otherwise a good, laidback game

meman32 responds:

300,000 is the average score I was going for (actually, originally it was around 1,000,000 but I changed it), so your par for the course, it's getting better than that that's tough.