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Reviews for "Indirect Assault"


It's a fairly fun game, not what I would call addictive thought.
It has music.
There is allot going on, this keeps it fun.
It runs smooth with no 'laggy' gameplay.
There is a score list.
There really isn't enough explaination to whats going on, I read the little information before hitting play, but there isn't enough about how the weapon works.
There is no sound effects for killing enemys and picking up the score multipliers.
Not enough enemy variation(Or I didn't pass the red rectangles and occasionally a (blue?) circle or hexigon or something.)

In conclusion, it is an enjoyable game and quite well made, Nice work and I clicked on your sponsor link, maybe you get paid for that, well I don't know.


This is a very unique game...


It just was not that interesting. The controls where weird for me cuz it looked like asteroids I wanted to play it like asteroids.