Reviews for "Deep Thought"

Very nice

What a coincidence, I read books while listening to songs like this masterpiece to, weird.

BrothaGaget responds:

thank you. that meant a lot

Nice, it is soothing in a way.

Love listening to this song on a rainy day. Nice job!


hmm very interesting, i like what u did here. i gave u a 9 cuz now i gotta go spend time AND money finding naruto manga. I am a naruto fan, just mangaless. Oh, wait, do parocy comics cout i got loads of them.

BrothaGaget responds:

LOL i know this is late but naruto Manga or any manga is good for this.


your write this is good to listen to while reading naruto manga.

BrothaGaget responds:

LOL thanks, I made this then I started reading from ch 01. next thing I know I'm on ch. 300.