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Reviews for "007 Charles"


It's an overall nice shoot'em up, but the aiming reticle is too small, and the response is a bit laggy.

really cool game

The only problem I had with this game was the crosshair... you can barely see the little thing.... maybe if the crosshair was drawn better.. it would have a higher score... I didn't know how to reload at first... until I clicked on my own character. nice work though.


isn't that bad, maybe abit oldstyle.. well nothing new you know?
The Controll was abit annoying because i want to reload and click on the banner because i play abit fast. Or sometimes the Soldiers don't want die.

But all in all its okay


the game play and graphics are good but the pointer (aiming thing) is hard to see

It's a nice idea

but it doesn't work. Nothing happens when you shoot them.