Reviews for "Untangle Deluxe"


really chalangening! cool loved to play..got to finish when get time.also nice art and sound! really cool over al!

Freaking hard, but good

Way hard dude. i think i got to lvl 7 then looked at it and gave up.
This game has good graphics and a concept that is not too cliche.
My only complaint is that the difficulty curve is too steep, causing people too give up. You should make it so that it is easier for beginners to catch on, but still give a challenge to veterans. Or you could have difficulty settings.


Brilliant game, but maybe ad a difficulty button on the main menu? I got to level 4 then gave up.

good game

but is a bit to hard

i am on lvl 7

and this is really cool but i am really stucked

Benjaminsen responds:

I just added my strategy to the description. Hope it helps!