Reviews for "Untangle Deluxe"


i spent onli 5 secs on the black triangle and i got bored HAHA its insane :P
but the others are fun.

ur 5'd!

Worth paying for

But next time, tell us in advance that the game is a trial version.

The graphics are just beautiful. Simple, yet effective and also neat. I like the details you put in, like the crossing sparkles and the fact that connected nodes are highlighed. The level design is even better than the last time, A class matterial.

The music is a perfect fit as well, it really sets the right mood for this game and it works very well with the art style you are using.

Benjaminsen responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

The idea was to let the loader communicate that you where playing a trail. But I can see how it's not clear enough on the message. I will look into getting that changed.

Glad you liked it!


It's a great game, but I had to give up after I got to lvl11.
Untangling the black triangle thing is just...INSANE!!!

good game

but is a bit to hard


Brilliant game, but maybe ad a difficulty button on the main menu? I got to level 4 then gave up.