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Reviews for "Pizza City"


this is cool but the police get on me quick my record is bad for driveing :)




Cool game! this is the best game ever!


AGGHH! I've lost all my favorite pair of dice! I can't properly roleplay without them...

Arcade Mania

I play lots of games like this and so far this one is da bomb of all of them =D . Ounce you get the "bumper" or the "jeep" at sal's you can easily escape the police and get points xD . To get the most money outta the costomers, drive around to random houses/bisnusses on your way to your delivery in your spare time that you have when driving. The next time you come back to tony's pizza store you will have lots of orders and you can get at least $400 outta those many deliverys. Soon enough you will have beyond enough for buying new vehicles such as the "jeep" pr "bumper"(I recomend the "bumper" to aviod getting lots of pizza damage because of it's speed) and many other vehicles. I did this multiple times and my rank right now is "cheesemongor" in two minutes =DD ! It will get way higher than that in the next five minutes... maybe right now.