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Reviews for "Pizza City"

There are no words to describe how awesome the essence of this amazing game with epic graphics and excellent music with a side of a chocolate shake is.

This game is perfectly well made. The graphics look good, the gameplay looks good and the overall goal for this game is creative, sort of. The game has all sorts of twists and wacky fun but I especially like the game for its progression. I haven't played this game in a LONG and I'm going back to play it again, because it's really, really, fun.

i like this game lotsssssssssssss


1.crazydrivers: Makes all the people and you drive worse and faster.

2.bouncytown: Makes everything bounce way more.

3.copsnrobbers: Turns all pedestrians into robbers and all cars (including your own) into police cars.

4.toomuchcoffee: Affects the speed of cars and pedestrians.

5.clownXplosion: Turns all pedestrians into clowns.

6.thegetaway: Always wanted by the police.


Thanks AS this is your Most fun game Released on more than just your website