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Reviews for "Niko Bellic Sculpture"

well some poeple dont know

emmm "Frix-it"
i dont know if you are bored or you just want to break balls
please READ PROPERLY! "we have chosen to focus on hand-made works."
art photography means life "artistic photos" using diferent filters or objectives a sunset maybe, this is a photography OF A HAND MADE WORK you a**hole an Sculpture. please "Frix-it" dont go over and star giving bad reviews just because you dont understand simple grammar :D
anyways GREAT WORK!

You have given him form.

Wow... just wow.

I don't know what's better... your illustrations or your sculptures.

I'm rendered speechless.


You're unbelievable. I hope you continue with this Sculpey stuff, it's going amazingly. I loved the Piranha Plant too!


this is like sale worthy! this is the coolest sculpture iv ever seen! and im not just sayin that. i really mean the best! and ur Pirana plant is otherworldly!
p.s. ur dog is awesome too


You are a master! Looks awesome!