Reviews for "Niko Bellic Sculpture"

You have given him form.

Wow... just wow.

I don't know what's better... your illustrations or your sculptures.

I'm rendered speechless.

what have you done?!

you have given him physical form!

there is no hope for us now....


this is awesome and deserves a higher overall score than a 7.5/10 so here's my contribution to the average :) some people just have to be d*uchebags and go around trolling like that =.=;;

plus, gta is awesome.

NICE and ......

for frix it down der
its cool and why do
u care

well some poeple dont know

emmm "Frix-it"
i dont know if you are bored or you just want to break balls
please READ PROPERLY! "we have chosen to focus on hand-made works."
art photography means life "artistic photos" using diferent filters or objectives a sunset maybe, this is a photography OF A HAND MADE WORK you a**hole an Sculpture. please "Frix-it" dont go over and star giving bad reviews just because you dont understand simple grammar :D
anyways GREAT WORK!