Reviews for "Niko Bellic Sculpture"

Holy shit that's amazing!

What expression on Niko's face! The glove! It's beautiful. I want one! For sure.

TBH, completely honest

I don't think I've even ever seen such a marvelous miniature sculpture. Nor do I think I have seen ANY sculpture where there was so much detail that you actually feel like the types of material in the clothes were being properly represented. Never seen anything like that...

Kalapusa responds:

Thank you! I tried to make sure I changed my approach depending on the fabric being worked on.


You're unbelievable. I hope you continue with this Sculpey stuff, it's going amazingly. I loved the Piranha Plant too!


Is it me or does that say 6.14/5

Wonderfull !

you defently earned this and more !